Edwin van Gessel

Edwin van Gessel

CEO & Founder


From a young age I have been fascinated with visual design. After starting out in the ‘demo scene’, building graphical benchmark demos, I entered the – then very young – Dutch games industry in the early 2000’s. As a 3D artist, I quickly climbed the ranks, through multiple companies, to an Art Director role. A little while later, I found myself in the role of a product manager and noticed just how much it motivated me to be at the top level of product/game design and development; establishing visions, strategies and high-level pillars. I took the fantastical leap to start my own company in early 2022, and have been enjoying this new direction endlessly ever since.


As Founder and CEO of Linx Interactive, I maintain a high level overview of all studio operations. As we’re working with multiple (co-development) partners, I make sure we stay aligned on the status of our projects. I set the vision and mission. I set up and lead meetings, internally and with partners. I also coach the other Linx Interactive members, so we stay connected and aligned.