We’re a Dutch game development studio on a mission to develop innovative, high quality social games that connect people in unique ways.

As a team of experienced game developers, who in previous companies helped develop original and established high profile gaming IP’s for mobile, console, and AR/VR titles, we use technology to its full potential by developing innovative, high quality social gaming experiences.

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Our name and logo

A blend of the words links (connections) and lynx (you know, the wild cat!), Linx builds games that stimulate players to form stronger personal connections in exciting and spectacular ways.

Our mission

It’s very important to feel connected to each other. The Covid-19 pandemic was a recent reminder to the world of this fact. We want to use technology to its full potential by developing innovative, high quality social gaming experiences, so that anyone around the world can feel connected to each other and have fun!

Our design philosophy

Authentic, social experiences form the basis for all of our game designs. A game could be about protecting someone, building something together, or collaborating. This top-down approach sparks creativity and ownership in our team, and helps to engage you as a player!


Edwin van Gessel


Having filled roles from 3D artist, to art director, to product owner, Edwin ensures a clear vision is in place, for the company and the projects. He seeks out new partnerships and opportunities and allows the team to focus on the work.

Maxine van Tongeren


With her natural talent for organization, Maxine plans and builds trust and connections in teams. She steers our teams, projects and studio away from risk and maximizes our chances for success.

Peter de Vos


Standing out for his drive towards quality and optimization, talent for UI and UX, and generalist mindset, Peter helps set the visual direction for our games, creates visual prototypes, and manages our visual content and pipelines.

Nils Rietveld


Having worked in several notable Dutch game development studios, Nils is a true all-round game developer. With his experience, technical prowess, and product-focused mentality he brings all disciplines together to build high quality products.

Christiaan Ribbens


Always looking for that spark of magic in games, Christiaan never stops thinking about what makes games great, and commits himself to ensuring a high quality, engaging experience for the players.


We’re working on our first project with our development partners, check back soon!


Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or comments!

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